Exercise During Pregnancy

Time to come clean guys. I’ve let myself go.

Let me give you a bit of context into my pre-pregnant life. I am usually quite an active person (generally speaking) – I trained as a dancer for a number of years, and am a qualified dance and Pilates teacher. Safe to say exercise and physical activity played a fairly large part in my life! So when I got pregnant, surely that made it easy, right? I could just carry on as normal and job done. Life’s good.

Hmmmm, not so much…Β as soon as my first trimester symptoms hit, I had never felt so drained in my life, and I just felt like I didn’t have the energy to exercise. This went on for a good 9 weeks or so, which is plenty of time for your body to lose muscle mass and for your fitness ability to fly out the window! Which is exactly what happened!

I went through a phase during the second trimester, where I rationalised my lack of exercise by thinking it just wasn’t worth it. ‘I’m used to such intense work outs…’ I used to think, ‘that all of this pregnancy Pilates and Yoga crap isn’t going to do anything for me anyway, so I may as well just wait until I’ve had Lawson and then hit itΒ super hard.’Β That was legit my thought process (clapping hands emoji). So during this time I put on a significant amount of weight (not just because of my newly formed baby bump), and I have the stretch marks on my inner thighs to prove it!

So fast forward to present day, 32 + 3 weeks pregnant and sporting a fairly sizeable baby bump, I finally feel like I have my energy back and am finally starting to look towards my ‘post-pregnancy life’. I have come to the realisation that if I continue to do nothing, life after pregnancy is going to be significantly harder, and the rate at which I am able to shed my pregnancy weight is going to be significantly slower! So here is my plan of action, and I’m sharing it with you, because now it’s on the internet, I can’t get out of it.

I plan to go on walks whenever I can. Not only will this allow me to progress in terms of my Pokemon Go level, but it’s also good for me and my baby! Double win! Walking is seriously beneficial when you’re pregnant; not only does it keep you active, but it also encourages your baby to get into the right position for birth, and improves your emotional wellbeing (which, lets be honest, is much needed during pregnancy! Hormones, anyone?!)

I also plan to get into Pregnancy Yoga. The reason I’m so into this right now, is not because I have a huge desire to stay active or improve my flexibility or whatever, it’s actually to relieve my flippin’ back ache! I find the less you move your body when you’re pregnant, the more it seems to seize up and become tight and tense. Which isn’t ideal. I have found yoga so helpful to ease back pain and any other pains I might have going that day. It’s also mega relaxing and has huge benefits for labour (so I’m told… I’ll keep you posted on that one!)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that pregnancy changes your body in ways that are both weird and wonderful. However, I think the key is finding ways of moving your body that youΒ enjoy, because otherwise, there’s kinda no hope of it being a long term solution.

Here is my YouTube equivalent of this blog post, where I make my exercise pledges in video form!

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