Hospital Bag Checklist

Being the organised person I am, I started packing my hospital bag at about 35 weeks pregnant… The only downfall is, I didn’t really finish it until very recently. I think because we are having a home birth, I didn’t really want to commit to the idea that we could end up going to hospital, so if I didn’t have a bag ready, it wouldn’t happen, right?!

Well that was silly… So first day of maternity leave, I decided to pull myself together and just get it done.

I used various outlets to help me decide what I needed in my bag(s) (there are 4 in total… too much?!) from Pinterest to Mothercare, and came up with a list that suited me. And today I’m going to share it with you!

For any other first time mamas who are struggling to know what is too much or too little, this one is for you. I’m not saying I have everything completely right, but this was what worked for me. You’re welcome.

A few things to talk about here – mainly toilet wipes (nice). It’s no secret that our ‘areas’ are going to be pretty sore after giving birth, mamas, so someone recommended that for the first week or so, using moist toilet wipes instead of regular toilet tissue is a God-send. I’ve also heard that lip balm is an absolute must, especially if planning on using gas and air (which I most certainly am)!

Just going to insert a little ‘birth hack’ here too, I have heard of some mums putting a bit of water/aloe vera gel on maternity pads and then freezing them for after the birth – apparently really soothing! Again, you’re welcome.

Some of these items lend themselves to a more natural/hypnobirthing setting, such as aromatherapy and massage oils, but even if you’re not going down that route – still all useful things to have I feel!

And here’s baby’s bag! I have chosen to separate the two, just for easy access. Some people say you need more, some people say you need less. For us, these are the basics we are going with (as we’re not really planning on actually going to hospital!), and it’s fairly easy for Daniel to pop home and grab more stuff if needed.

Feel free to utilise these as you wish, and also check out the videos on this on my YouTube channel to see the actual items.

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