Lawson’s First Photos

Greetings from the other side!

Hopefully you’re up to date with my social media enough to know that our gorgeous little Lawson made his appearance on Monday 26th September at 1:01am, after his Mama being in denial that she was actually in labour for most of the day! The photo above (where I look like… well, I’m not sure what…) was our very first family photo, taken about an hour after I gave birth.

We had an eventful first week, with me having to have surgery following the birth and Lawson picking up a nasty infection which had him on antibiotics for a week. Quite honestly, I’m still not really over what a traumatic experience our week in hospital was (it has only been a week though – be kind to yourself, Hayley!), but I wanted to share with you and document the photos I did take of Lawson during the first week of his life because I know in time to come I will look back at these photos with fondness and remember the amazing care he was given in hospital.

They are not the most ‘Instagram-friendly’, artistic shots, but they are true to the experience we had, I hope you enjoy following the journey with us!

I also uploaded a hospital vlog on my YouTube channel if you would like a more in-depth version of our first week! Enjoy!



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