I don’t care what you say, it’s not too early to start talking about Christmas. As mamas, the sheer volume of stuff to get done over the Christmas period parallels the size of Mount Everest, so best to start early than be running around like a headless goat on Christmas Eve!

So I am bringing to you today a Gift Guide full of ideas for one year olds. For those of you who don’t know, Lawson is coming up to 14 months as I’m writing this, and a lot of this stuff is either on our wish list for him (but probably can’t afford), or stuff we’ve already got for him. None of this stuff is sponsored or gifted (unfortunately!), just ideas from my very own brain. You’re welcome.


Let’s start with my favourite category! I literally have a list as long as my arm of clothes that I want for Lawson, but at the moment, these are my top 4, and I thought you might like them too! As I mentioned in my previous style post, at Christmas time, I like to buy Lawson a few items that are a bit more special. So lets start with the left, this all in one coat from H&M is the one! It has tiny little snow foxes all over it, and I think it’ll be so snuggly for winter. Lawson is going to be walking very soon (if not already by the time this post goes out!) so something like this is going to be perfect for those wintery walks to keep him all cosy, and it’s in at £29.99.

Moving over one, let me introduce you to my absolute brand crush, Oh My Baby. It’s not often that I love everything a brand brings out, but let me tell you, I want EVERY SINGLE THING on their website! Their clothes are incredible! So I’ve picked this jumper to show you, which is £24 and says ‘Childhood Company’ on it. It’s soft and fluffy and cosy and I really want it for Lawson! Definitely check out their website for some amazing kids stuff.

The next one along is a coat from good old trusty Zara. I love this coat – it’s not too big and bulky and it’s super stylish – I just love it! This one is £24.99.

And last but not least, another item from H&M which I just HAD to include! It’s a pom pom jumper! I need Lawson to have this in his wardrobe, I’m in love. Its £17.99 so not breaking the bank, and a gorgeous alternative Christmas jumper!


Now I’m not a huge fan of buying Lawson stack loads of toys for birthdays and Christmas, he gets bored SO easily and they just end up in storage, and we have no more room in storage! But these are items that we have either already got for him, or I think would be really great for a one year old.

Firstly, we have the VTEC bubble whale – I think this is GENIUS. Lawson loves a bath toy, and this one shoots out bubbles by itself which I know he would love! This one is currently £17 in Mothercare (Usually £22.99).

Moving across, this has been on my wishlist for a while, but is just a bit too out of budget for us! It’s from Kidly, and it’s a who Market Stall! I love this idea, and you can get all sorts of wooden fruit and veg to go with it. It comes in at £100 – it would be great for a main present!

The third item is what we have gone with for Lawson’s main present this year – you’ve probably seen it dotted about! That’s right, it’s the Aldi Kitchen! I love the fact that this has neutral colours and won’t be a total eye sore in my living room, and you can get all kinds of accessories to go with it in Aldi too. This was £29.99, so amazing value for money too! We’re going to set it all up on Christmas Eve ready for when he wakes up!

Lastly is something that I would LOVE to get for Lawson in the next few months. Previously I have only found these foam mats in bright colours splattered with numbers and alphabet letters, not quite the look I’m going for in my house! But The Modern Nursery have bought out these gorgeous neutral coloured mats that look stylish and would be perfect for a little play area!


As much as our book demand has totally been met since joining our local Library (something I would really recommend!), it’s nice to update our own collection from time to time, and these books are great for this age! Fox’s Socks is a lift the flap book – and Lawson is currently OBSESSED with these kinds of books! He will sit for ages lifting and closing the flaps and be really happy! This one is £2.99 from Amazon and is a really lovely story!

The next one across is one of my favourites. This whole collection of ‘little people, big dreams’ books send out such a good message to both girls and boys that you can do anything you put your mind too! This one is about Coco Chanel, and is £9.99 from We Are Pop.

Thirdly, we have this very festive book collection from The Book People. I have bought a collection of books from there before, and it’s a great way of updating your book collection without breaking the bank! For 10 books it’s £11.99 – you can’t say no to that!


The great thing about having a one year old is that you can still use birthdays and Christmas as an excuse to buy them what they actually need! So these are on my list for Lawson as his essentials! Firstly is this BEAUTIFUL towel from Liewood, £34. A bit more expensive than your average towel, but we have a Panda one of these, and they really are worth the money! They are huge, and amazing quality too, not to mention how freaking cute your baby looks with the hood up!

Next up is this bowl, or anything for that matter, from Buddy and Bear. They do the most brilliant tableware for babies, all monochrome and super cute. I’m guessing between this Christmas and next Christmas, Lawson will be learning to feed himself more and more, so some new bowls and cutlery is definitely on the cards!

Thirdly is this cosy cot bed pillow. We have noticed that whenever Lawson comes in our bed, he loves sleeping on our pillows, he doesn’t really like sleeping on flat surfaces anymore. Guidelines state that from one year, babies are allowed to have pillows and duvets, so it’s our plan to get Lawson a little pillow to sleep on! He sleeps in a Grobag, which he is really settled with, but I think a pillow is something he would really love! This one is £5 from Tesco.

And finally is this sticky cloud placemat for highchairs and tables. Lawson makes SUCH a big mess when he’s eating, so it would be great to have something to protect our table/his highchair a little bit! This one is £9.99 from Amazon and is super cute too!

I hope that has given you a few little ideas if you have a one year old or know a one year old that you’re looking to buy presents for! Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas too – I’d like to get Lawson a few more bits still so am always looking for inspiration!

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