As many of you will know, Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform. Annoying algorithms aside, there is such a wonderful community spirit to be found there, and it’s a place where creativity flourishes. I love filling my feed with small businesses, fellow mums and monochrome delights, as I like to feel inspired as I scroll. So this month, I thought it would be great to do a little interview series, where I get to chat to the people behind some amazing Instagram accounts that inspire me.

This week, I’m introducing you to my lovely friend Sophie, aka. @austins.adventure

Sophie and I met through work, she’s mega real and has the most beautifully designed home, not to mention her eye for awesome kids clothes. Are you seeing a theme here?!

Tell us a bit about yourself, Sophie!

Hey! My name is Sophie and I am 29 (although in denial that I am turning 30 soon). I am mum to two boys, Austin who was two at the end of July and Emmett who is 3 ½ weeks old. At the end of this month I have also been a wife for a year to Sam so I really am raising boys! Currently I am on my second maternity leave but in real life I am a PE teacher. Things I love: chocolate (but I am currently dairy free, eugh), knitting and long walks. Things I do not love: mushrooms, politics and spa days (I know right).

As if I wasn’t broody enough already, your new arrival, Emmett, is absolutely gorgeous! How have you found it going from one to two? (Asking for a friend.)

I am not sure anyone can prepare for going from one to two babies. I don’t think it properly hit me that we were having another child until about a month before Emmett arrived. The mum guilt was insane but now he is here I am not sure what I was worried about. Don’t get me wrong, there have been moments during a cluster feed that I have felt bad for Austin but he is hard-core. One thing I have learnt is you just have to go with it, don’t fight it. Who cares if you have to put the TV on for 10 minutes whilst you throw some fish fingers in, it definitely does not make you a bad mum! Oh and definitely buy a wrap/sling.

Your house is so beautiful, what are your go to brands for interiors?

I could spend all day on interest swooning over interiors if I had the chance. Most of my money goes on the boys (the husband included) but when I do have a little left I love to spend it on the house. At the moment I always check the new in section at H&M home. If you ever have chance to go to a store that stocks it then I really recommend. They have so many different styles and the prices are always so reasonable. I also love a good rummage in homesense and JYSK for small details.

While we’re on the subject of shopping, what are your favourite places to shop for kids clothes? Both your boys have such awesome style!

Kids clothes are my guilty pleasure. I hate shopping for me! For the boys I love a mix of high street and ‘higher end’ pieces. My favourite pieces from the high street are more often than not found in H&M and Zara. The rest of their wardrobe consists of brands from small indie (often mum run) shops and handmade pieces. My favourite AW collections at the moment are Bobo Choses, Turtledove London and Tiny Cottons. Small shops including Olivia Grae Kids, Piupia baby and Gooseberry Fool are also top of my ‘to check’ list on Instagram.

And finally, your monochrome theme on Instagram is quite frankly amazing. What are your top tips for keeping up an Instagram theme like yours?

When it comes to instagram I used to feel like I could only post a certain style and it became stressful. Now I post more natural shots I am enjoying it again. I nearly always have white bedding on so that makes it easy for a quick indoor snap. We are always getting out and about (I get cabin fever inside) exploring new places so a quick phone snap for the memories often gets uploaded! I don’t like to go to places just for instagram. Keep it simple and true to who you are. I tend to use the same editing style to keep it consistent, that’s my only rule!

Be sure to check out Sophie’s Instagram for more shots of her beautiful family and home- and watch this space for more Instagram interviews coming throughout October!

Author: Land of Lawson

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