Hello! Long time no blog!

After taking a few months out of the blogging game, Land of Lawson is now officially ‘re-launched’ (how professional) and ready to go! I’ve really missed blogging, actually. The amount of times over the past few months that I’ve thought ‘I wish I could write about this’, has been insane! I’ve missed having an outlet, or a place where I can say what I really think without 2200 character limit (thanks, Instagram!)

A lot has been happening over here recently, so I’ve got a few things to catch you up on. Let’s just jump straight in. I’ve quit my day job. WHAT.

As some of you may know, I went back to work about 6 weeks ago. I work in a school, who were SUPER lovely and allowed me to come back part time. However, due to childcare costs, finance, travel and a whole world of boring grown up stuff, we basically worked out that I’d be working for £50 in September… Kinda not worth it, am I right? Plus I never really have got used to leaving Lawson for a day, it just feels so foreign to me.

I don’t know if you saw my latest YouTube video where I basically gave the same update in video form, but I spoke a bit on there about this constant battle between head and heart. My whole life, they have very rarely agreed when it comes to making decisions, and being the ‘sensible’ character I am, I have always ended up taking the responsible route and going with my head, leaving me pretty unsatisfied in most cases. THIS time, well, this time is different. Because I’ve gone completely with my heart (which is obviously with Lawson and my family), and it feels GREAT. Am I scared? Hell yeah. Will we struggle financially? Probably! But, as I said in my vlog, happiness wins over money, every time.

There are a couple of exciting ways that I’m going to be spending my time come September (or end of July, really!) The first of which is BLOGGING, and YOUTUBE. I flippin’ love this. It makes me so happy just to be creative, to meet new people, and to constantly learn new skills. For me, I feel like writing blogs and filming videos makes me feel less lonely. It makes me feel like I have a tribe of people who are supporting me and cheering me on. So grateful for you guys!

The other VERY exciting, albeit slightly terrifying thing I’m going to be doing is setting up my own business. I’m gonna be a #momboss! So I’m delving deep into the world of freelance and self-employment, which is so scary, but I have a really good feeling about it! I’m hoping to have it all launched by the end of the month, so stay tuned for big news coming soon!

Family update – Dan is doing really well, is working full time and generally just smashing being a dad and husband! Lawson is nearly 10 MONTHS OLD. What the heck! I do little monthly updates on how he’s doing on my YouTube channel, so if you’re keen to know what he’s up to these days then check out that playlist HERE. But in general, he is the sweetest, most happiest baby EVER, he is developing at a rate that we struggle to keep up with, but it’s all part of the adventure, and I cannot wait to share it with you!

So enough about me, how are you?


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