Pinterest is my happy place. It inspires me creatively and makes me feel all cosy and warm, especially at this time of year! I had seen milk bath photography dotted around on Pinterest for a while now, both with maternity shoots and baby shoots, and I really wanted to give it a go!

Cue Google: ‘How to make a milk bath’…

The articles I read on how to do it all seemed really complicated, I literally just wanted to shove in a carton of milk and a few petals and have a go, not blend powdered milk with almond milk with agave nectar and oats etc etc. So this is my simplified version of how to make a milk bath and take stunning photos.

I only had about a quarter of a carton of milk left in my fridge, so I filled my bath about an inch high with hot water, and then added the milk. I was conscious of temperature, because obviously the milk had been in the fridge, so I made the water temperature about 39 degrees, to give it some wiggle room for the milk.

TIP #1: Have the heating on beforehand

Your bathroom will be nice and warm then and you don’t have to rush the shoot because you’re worried your baby is cold.

I just used leftover flowers from a couple of bouquets that were on their way out anyway. Flowers that I think worked really well were the roses, the gerberas and the little sprigs of purple in between. Greenery looks really pretty too, however…

TIP #2: Don’t use open lilies…

Unless you want pollen all over your bath… And baby… Lesson learned! The closed lilies looked gorgeous, but I wouldn’t advise using open ones!

TIP #3: Let your baby sit in the bath and explore the flowers first.

I made the mistake of lying Lawson down in the bath straight away, and he was NOT happy! He didn’t know what was going on, what was floating past his ears, and why he had the urge to drink the bath water. This resulted in this kind of shot…

Once I let him sit up and get used to it and have a play, he was so much happier when I lay him back down, and I was able to get the shots I wanted!

To take the shots, I stood on my bath… In my underwear… (I didn’t know whether I might have to get in with Lawson to calm him down!!) I tend to take wider shots and then crop them when I edit them, below is an example of an original and the edited version.

To edit, I use VSCO on my iPhone. It’s super easy to use and you can share your photos straight to Instagram. I use the F2 filter, then tone it down to about halfway because I find it’s quite intense at 100%! I then play around with the brightness, contrast, I sharpen it and turn the temperature down. I don’t know why, but I like all of my photos to have a cooler temperature rather than warm.

I was so happy with the results!

Have you ever tried a creative style photoshoot with your little? I’d love to hear about it!

Author: Land of Lawson

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