Since it’s my very first Mother’s Day this year – my excitement levels for it have gone through the roof! I thought I would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift guide, not only as a big hint to Dan (because let’s face it, I don’t think Lawson can choose anything…), but also in case anyone is struggling for ideas – I think all of these gifts are really lovely, and pretty much a guarantee to be loved by most mums.

Flowers. You literally cannot go wrong. However cliche you make think they are, flowers will make most women smile. They brighten the home, and they’re a really thoughtful gift that doesn’t have to blow the budget to show that you appreciate your Mama. These particular beauties are £25 from M&S – but there are ones to suit a range of budgets.

These little guys just melt my heart. I follow the company Honeywell Bakes on Instagram, and they must think I stalk them or something because I’m literally liking EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE. These biscuits are just the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen – they have a lot of different ranges in stock at REALLY reasonable prices too. This gift box comes in at £18.50 and I think they are a really original and thoughtful gift.

OK. This one is a long shot. For anyone that really wants to blow the budget (Daniel – just think about how much Lawson loves me, and how much money he might like to spend on me to tell me that on Mother’s Day…) This is my dream changing bag from Tiba + Marl. Coming in at £120 (I know…), it’s real leather, comes with so many different compartments and a changing mat too. I can literally picture me with this bag, wearing my ‘mother’ top, holding the M&S flowers and munching the Mother’s Day biscuits. It’s a really exciting image for me.

Onto stationery then – the top two in this picture are from M&S. I am OBSESSED with M&S cards/gift stuff right now. Someone needs to buy me that gift bag – £5, and it has confetti in it. I’m sold. The bottom two cards are from Paperchase, and I just love them both. I like cards that also double up as wall art, and I would be more than happy to have these framed in my house.

You can’t go wrong with candles. You literally just can’t. In my most recent video I said I was on the look out for some new candles, so I did a little research and these are the ones that stood out. It’s worth mentioning as well that Sainsbury’s Home candles smell AMAZING. They don’t have them online so couldn’t find any pics but take my word for it, they’re SO GOOD, and cheap too. Top left candle is from M&S – £9.50. Olive might strike you as a slightly weird scent for a candle, but it’s actually one of my very favourite smells. Have you tried ‘Olive Branch’ shower gel from Lush?! OMG. Top right is from The White Company (had to include one!) coming in at £20, they just look so sleek and stylish – I can’t really find a candle that does it as well as they do. Bottom left is a beautiful candle from Oliver Bonas, one of my very favourite places. This one is £17.50, and although I haven’t had a sniff in real life, I’m pretty sure anything with elderflower in it smells incredible. Bottom right is a little set from John Lewis – I am OBSESSED with the design of these – they literally look like they were designed to go in my bathroom. The set is £30, and I think dotted around a bathroom would look so gorgeous.

This one is for all of the entrepreneurial mamas out there. Yes Mum are a company that specialise in positive affirmation cards especially for mums. They have loads of different sets, but I thought this one was most applicable for me! I found these on Scandiborn for £10.50, the other sets are on there too.

Again, if all else fails, go for pyjamas. As a recently qualified mother, I can confirm that I spend at least 70% of my time in my PJs. These ones from Next are an absolute winner for Spring I think, and are actually really good value for money at £18. And again with the grey. Amazing.

So that is my pick of some of the best gifts for lovely mothers far and wide for Mother’s Day. I hope you all have a really special day. If you’re a fellow mama, know that you are AMAZING. I hope you get well and truly smothered in love. If you’re looking for your own mum, remember to tell her you love her as often as you can, not just on Mother’s Day. Guarantee it’ll make her day.

Author: Land of Lawson

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