One of my lovely friends Caitylis has started a new linky over on her blog, called ‘Sightings From’. I REALLY love this idea, it means that I can show you guys my favourite photographs from the month, and look back on memories.

November has been a month of ups and downs. Wonderful in many ways, as this is the month that our precious boy took his first steps! We bought Lawson’s first shoes, and went on his first outdoor walk, it has just felt magical again!

We also went to stay in a yurt this month, which is something I never thought I would do, but an incredible opportunity that came out of this very site.

It’s also been a month of getting my creativity back, trying out new things, especially our milk bath photo shoot that we did with Lawson. These are photos I am so proud of, and will cherish forever!

November has also been a month of mental and physical struggles. I have had a tooth abscess for most of the month, been on a long stint of antibiotics, and have been battling mentally to get my mind back in shape and more positive. It’s been a tough one, but this week I finally feel like I’ve turned a corner! Bring on December and bring on the festivities!

Definitely check out Caitylis’ blog – it’s wonderful! And add your link if you want to join in too!


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