One of my lovely friends Caitylis has started a new linky over on her blog, called ‘Sightings From’. I REALLY love this idea, it means that I can show you guys my favourite photographs from the month, and look back on memories, and boy has October created a lot of memories!

I think this October has been the best month since becoming a Mum to Lawson. I have felt so much more like myself with the crisp Autumn air and the changing leaves. I’ve felt a lot more relaxed and confident as a mum, and Lawson has just been the sweetest little boy all month, except for the odd tantrum!

This month has seen us go on lots of Autumnal walks, get caught in the rain more times than is ideal, get overly excited about Halloween, and watching plenty of Christmas films (that’s right, both Elf and Arthur Christmas are already regular appearances in our household!) It’s been a month of getting all ‘hygge’ and cosy, lighting candles and slurping homemade soup. I’ve got a feeling this next month is going to be amazing too!

Definitely check out Caitylis’ blog – it’s wonderful! And add your link if you want to join in too!


Author: Land of Lawson

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