Those of you that know me well may know that camping, or glamping for that matter, isn’t my strong point. I’m a home bird, and I like my home comforts. To tell it straight, if someone asked me to set up a tent in the middle of November, I’d probably tell them to get on their bike.


Spontaneity and creating crazy memories with my little family is something that I’m really working on right now, so when the opportunity arose to stay with Caalm Camp in Dorset and review what they had going on, I literally jumped at the chance!

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about our stay. But Caalm Camp are not your standard camp site, they are all about adding the glamour to camping – finally, something I can get on board with! Their camp consists of six Mongolian yurts, each named after wildflowers, and ours was called Cowslip.

Deceptively big, and surprisingly cosy, I was blown away when I first stepped inside.

Mark, who runs the camp (and is probably one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet), gave us a lovely tour and even started our wood burning stove off for us. My main concern is that we would be cold, so he explained to us that for overnight we could buy some coal (for £3 a bucket) that would last for 12-14 hours.

I’m not sure whether Dan just wanted to assert his manliness over this weekend or what, but he decided that we didn’t need the coal, and we would be fine with wood… He couldn’t really complain then when I asked him to light another fire at 3am! The wood keeps your yurt really toasty for 3-4 hours, but for overnight, I would definitely say go with the coal!

The beds were super cosy and comfy, and I love the fact that there’s an induction hob and kettle in your yurt for a morning mug of coffee.

Let’s talk about the convenience of this place. The farm house, which is literally a 20 second walk from the yurts (with a lit path might I add – wave goodbye to stumbling around in the dark trying to find a portaloo!) has a fully equipped communal kitchen, and each yurt is given its own cupboards and fridge – incredible!

We made a full on feast on the Saturday night, which was so easy to do, and the communal eating area is really lovely, and has high chairs and plenty of toys to keep wandering toddlers entertained!

The best bit about this farm house, is that each yurt has its own washroom. That’s right, there’s no sharing of toilets/showers/sinks – and it feels really luxurious! The towels they provide are some of the softest I have felt, and you can put them on the heated towel rail the night before so they’re nice and toasty in the morning. There’s even underfloor heating! The shower was exactly the right temperature and left me feeling fresh and ready for the day on Sunday!

The best thing I found about Caalm Camp was just being surrounded by nature. The views from this place are STUNNING, and just walking around camp did actually make me feel very peaceful (I see why they call it Caalm Camp!)

We would highly recommend this place for families, the facilities are super convenient and Lawson had such a great adventure! Find out more about Caalm Camp here.

Have you ever been glamping? Would you go glamping in winter?!

Author: Land of Lawson

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