I was tagged by the lovely Dhillondeeds to take the #rockingmotherhood challenge – and if I’m honest, the tag couldn’t have come at a worse time! The last two weeks with Lawson have been a real challenge, I’ve just been trying to get through the days with what has felt like a massive lack of energy and enthusiasm. I have been feeling mum guilt constantly at how much I have let Lawson entertain himself in his Jumperoo rather than playing with him myself just to get a bit of ‘me time’, and I haven’t felt like I’ve been ‘rocking it’ at all, actually!

So for me, this post is going to be like therapy! Sometimes, when you’re in the difficult times, it’s kinda the best thing you can do to look for the positives and give yourself a little pat on the back. So that’s what I’mma do! I’m going to shower this post with pictures of Lawson and me; these are the ways I am rocking motherhood.


  1. Lawson’s food. I am attempting to be domesticated and make Lawson’s purees myself. I do give him pouches when we’re out and about, but when he’s at home, he has home cooked puree that I have made myself. I’m pretty proud of how well I’ve managed to keep that up! I’m even trying baby led weaning a bit more despite being absolutely terrified! Go me!


  1. The house isn’t a complete tip. I’ve been working super hard to keep the house clean and tidy, even just doing 10 minute speed cleans here and there have massively helped the place just to feel a bit more under control.


  1. I work tirelessly every single day to make sure Lawson is happy and laughs often. His smile and his laugh is literally what gives me strength (that and a bucket load of coffee), so every day I work my butt off to find new ways of entertaining him and making him laugh. Him being happy and laughing is literally all I care about!
  2. I do think I have quite a good balance between the ‘attachment parenting’ style and the ‘Gina Ford parenting’ style (not that I have a problem with either of these!) This is what has worked for Lawson. For example, I have been very ‘baby led’ with his feeding and sleeping in terms of how much food he has/when we started weaning him and giving him what he needs in order to sleep, but we also can be pretty strict and put boundaries and routines in place i.e. specific feeding times, nap times etc.


  1. I know Lawson inside out. Sure, there are times (quite often as of late) where he can be screaming in my face and I’m crying because I don’t know how I can help him, but on a day to day basis, I know his signs and signals for different things, and I’m proud of how much I know him and what he needs. 
  2. I find the strength to push through in difficult times. These past two weeks I have found that I have been able to really push through and be strong for Lawson without having a complete meltdown! That’s progress!


  1. I find time for myself. Not very often, but I do it! I try to work out every day, because I find that helps not only your body but your headspace as well. Dan and I try to go out on date nights every couple of weeks, and I find time to have baths/do things that help me to relax most weeks too. I think it’s important to recharge.


  1. I have a strong mother’s instinct. When it comes to Lawson, I know that my gut feeling is usually going to be pretty accurate, so this is what I tend to follow rather than read books and get overwhelmed by comparing myself to other parents. I truly believe that I know what’s best for him, and that’s what I follow!
  2. I give Lawson opportunities to learn. Because he is so active now, I am giving Lawson a lot of playtime on his tummy and encouraging him to crawl. I also give him quite a bit of sitting time so he can strengthen those core muscles, and generally I feel like I’m helping his development quite a bit!


  1. I am driven by love. This is probably the most important thing. Even in difficult times, I am completely overwhelmed by how much I love Lawson and just want him to be healthy and happy. This is what drives me to keep going!That was hard! Sometimes it’s really difficult to blow your own trumpet, but I think it is SO necessary. Writing this post has actually made me feel so much better and believe that I am doing a good job! Motherhood is flippin’ hard, and we need more of this!! So I am tagging:


Amy from Mummy Fox

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and Gemma from Somewhere After the Rainbow

All amazing women who are smashing motherhood! Get on it ladies!


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