This is probably the weirdest my pregnancy has got… Let me tell you why…


Not much to update you on here because I’m feeling pretty great physically. My belly is starting to pooch out and I’m most definitely in that awkward stage where people are wondering if I’ve just let myself go a bit or whether I’m with child. I’M WITH CHILD GUYS. Saying that, a large portion of the belly pooch is very likely to be food related, not baby related…

Them mood swings though… Omgee, my poor husband is having to put up with so much right now. My alter-ego (whom we’ve affectionately named ‘snappy turtle’), is most certainly making a regular appearance in my home, meaning that I snap for absolutely no reason, followed my an emotional meltdown because I feel bad for snapping! #standard

My skin has also been pretty dry this week, which means that my foundation is looking flaky rather than flawless… Totally the look I was going for!


The last few weeks have really all been about the citrus fruits. I have been guzzling down grapefruit every single day without fail. But wait, it gets worse… I have also been eating lemons.

That’s right, you read that correctly. I’ve been eating lemons. Whole.

I don’t know what it is about fruit of the citrus variety at the moment but I am so into it right now. I think I read somewhere that lemon is amazing for curbing sickness, and because I didn’t know that when I was actually feeling sick, maybe something in my body just wanted to make up for it. I have also been known to drink lemon juice out the bottle in the middle of the night too… My husband not only thinks I’m a snappy turtle, he now thinks I’ve gone a little bit mad…

It’s been some time since my last update at 11 weeks, and between then and now I went to Spain. I was around 14 ½ weeks at this time, but here are some snaps of my little belly in a different country!

My 16 week pregnancy update is also up on my YouTube channel, so make sure you check that out if you haven’t already!


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