Glory days of the second trimester, welcome to my life.


Physically I am still feeling great, emotionally not so much… My hormones are still playing absolute havoc and I’m getting emotional about silly things. Dan has been away in New York this week, and I’m just finding myself struggling through life without him! I know… What would Beyonce say…


Hooray for new category! I started feeling Lawson move on Monday 25th January during Period 1 (I work in a school). I remember the moment so well – I was sitting with a student and all of a sudden felt what could only be described as the cutest little muscle spasm in my tummy. I feel like him moving is more magical than Christmas… And that’s a pretty big deal for me to say that…

So since that day I feel him move all the time, and I can even feel them outside my belly. Better than Santa.


Only one, and that is Nutella. The other morning I was legit eating it out of the jar with a spoon… And by morning I don’t mean as like a mid-morning snack, I mean like 7.30am. That happened. I had an apple as well to balance it out, that makes it better, right?!


We also had our 20-week scan this week. Even though we saw Lawson like 3 weeks ago, it is still my favourite thing ever, plus my Mum was able to come to this scan too! Everything appears to be fine medically, so really happy about that!

My 20 week pregnancy update is also up on my YouTube channel, you can check it out here:

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