Summer and pregnancy do not mix. This I know to be true.


So we have been experiencing a mini-heat wave here in sunny England, which normally I would absolutely live for, but this year is different, for obvious reasons. This means that I have had to embrace the sweat, invest in some new pregnancy flip-flops that can ‘grow with my feet’, and just generally experience a lot of swelling. I feel like pregnancy severely affects your body’s ability to cool itself down in hot weather, it is honestly like having an inbuilt radiator strapped to your belly.

I’m also experiencing a lot of shortness of breath at the moment. Lawson has made his bed pretty high up, which means that when I’m slouching or sitting in any other position other than completely upright, he presses on my lungs and I can’t breathe. What a cutie! The same happens when I’m walking, I’m getting out of breath a lot more quickly, and I’m getting a lot of stitches too!

The wonderful thing about pregnancy is, no matter what your body is put through, you just don’t care! S’all kinda worth it.


Now that my appetite has returned to some sort of normality, I have started to eat healthily again! Yay! I feel like if I can keep this up it will make my life easier post-birth and then maybe I can lose the baby weight quicker! I wonder how long this will last…


Movement has definitely increased this week – and to be quite honest, it can get quite uncomfortable! I think I have quite a violent child… Kicking me in the bum, for example, is less than ideal. Not to mention when he kicks me in the bladder when I already need a wee. I just love it though! Nothing like it.


Yay for another new category! I wanted to add this in, because my belly button seems to be taking on a whole journey of its own. With my growing belly, it is very nearly almost popping out, and to be quite honest, I’m really enjoying watching it grow from an inny to an outy. Like a proud mother.

As usual, my 24-week pregnancy update is also on my YouTube channel – feel free to watch it here:


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