I’ve been feeling a lot more tired as of late, kind of like being back in the first trimester, but without the constant urge to rush to the loo in case I throw up… (good times…) Not sure whether this is a regular part of pregnancy, or whether it might be something to do with my iron levels, so I intend to get those checked fairly promptly! I legit had to go home from work early the other day, purely because I felt like I couldn’t keep my eyes open! Someone hand me the caffeine…

My little inbuilt radiator is still fully functioning, for those of you wondering – meaning I am sweating profusely and generally feeling a lot more unattractive.


Along with the tiredness, cravings have also made a comeback this week. However the cravings I am having now I feel are somehow connected to the fact that I am having a boy. I just want steak… All the time. Honestly I feel like Lawson is getting hench for the birth; hopefully he’ll come out with like a six pack or something and all the money spent on steak will be worth it.


Lawson is still really active which is wonderful, however the whole experience of feeling him more is becoming a lot more creepy, as I am now starting to see random shapes poking out of my belly. I’ve compensated for the creepiness however, by turning it into a little game. It’s called ‘Guess Which bit of Lawson is Poking out of my Belly’. Catchy, right?!

Little Law is also becoming a lot more responsive to people, which makes me a very proud mama! Sometimes when people put their hands on my belly, (which happens more often than not these days), he actually kicks for them! This makes me glow with pride because I feel like he’s developing good social skills…


Because I know you are all dying to know about the state of my belly button, there is now no dip in my belly – completely flat.

A 26 week update is now live on my YouTube channel where I’m talking about my pregnancy in a bit more detail, check it out here:

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