I am now officially in the third trimester… *cue hyperventilation*


Tired, hot and hungry. That’s all I have to say about that.


Steak is still very much on the table. Maybe Lawson is developing his biceps this week…


I’ve started thinking a lot about what position Lawson is in… This is mostly because I’m addicted to Googling things like ‘feeling kicks on my right side, where is my baby?’ etc. So I’ve given his positioning a little guess… My guess is that his head is down, at some sort of angle; that his bum is poking out on the right side of my belly button, and his legs are underneath my ribs on my right side… I keep reading things that tell me his head should be down by now, but what if he doesn’t know that?!

A weird thing happened this week where I think Lawson turned around the other way. I was feeling a lot of super uncomfortable kicks in my bladder and bum (and front bum… Thanks for that, kid), and I just felt like he wasn’t comfortable, and I certainly was not comfortable… But thankfully I think he has resumed his ‘comfy spot’ and is now kicking me in less personal places… Yay!

Hiccups! For crying out loud, this might be the cutest thing I think I’ve ever felt him do. They feel like tiny, regular twitches in my lower belly, and I think he’s quite a thirsty baby because he gets them quite a lot! (Good luck boobs…)


It’s out! Yay!

On the other hand, stretch marks have also happened guys… They are right on the side of my hips and it’s the most depressing thing ever… Bad times…

28 week update is also up for viewing on my YouTube channel, find it here:


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