This week has been fairly full on with midwife appointments, a comeback from the first trimester and England deciding to have a heat wave.


Tiredness is still a fairly big issue for me right now, and I don’t think the 30-degree heat helps with that! However it is nearing the end of term (hooray!), so I think maybe that has something to do with it. I have also been having weird appetite symptoms again, like not really knowing what I fancy and taking ages to make a decision on anything food related – #tb to first trimester anyone?! I am also in a constant state of swelling, which is funny to look at. My hands and feet, because of the hot weather, are kind of permanently chubby, and cankles are now securely a part of my life.


Because it’s hot, I just want cold things in my mouth most of the time. So things like ice cream, ice-lollies, plain ice etc, are absolute winners right now. Meat is still something I am fairly big on too.


I am still feeling lots of movement, which is wonderful. He has slowed down the past few days, but I think that’s probably due to the heat! His kicks are getting stronger and slightly more uncomfortable, and Daniel was able to feel his hiccups the other day, which is still the cutest thing in the world!


I had a midwife appointment this week where I had another load of blood taken and also had my whooping cough vaccine, (does anyone really know how to pronounce that?!) She also felt for Lawson’s position, and he’s head down! Yay! I feel so proud that he knows to go into that position ready for birth! He’s just so smart!

The midwife also tested my wee and discovered that I may have a UTI, so she is sending that off for testing. It kind of makes sense seeing as I am spending most of my life on the toilet these days.

As usual – my 30 week update is up on my channel – enjoy!

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