A heck of a lot to update you on this week!


I am now officially a member of #teamnosleep – my body is fully preparing me, it seems, for life after labour. My brain is on total overdrive so I’m sleeping very lightly, backache has started too, right in between my shoulder blades, and indigestion is now a regular part of my life! Lack of sleep is certainly making me more of an emotional mess too!

I’m also getting quite a few bouts of low blood pressure, which just means I’m feeling dizzy and sick and just generally quite weak which isn’t very nice. I’ve been getting some lower abdominal cramping this week too, particularly when I change position at night, I think it’s just his head moving, but it’s pretty uncomfortable!

This week I think I’ve also had a bit of a tummy bug. I am starting to feel the full effects of that relaxin hormone, as my digestive system just seems to have given up on life!


I had another midwife appointment this week where I was able to get back my blood and pee results, and both came back completely clear! Yay! So no UTI, and no issues with iron levels, which is wonderful. She also checked his position again and his head is still really low down – she said that it’s a really positive indication that he’s going to fit! Great news!


My appetite has mostly returned to normal, although I don’t feel like I am eating very healthy at the moment. Should probably make more of an effort to do that…


Little Lawson has been super active this week and making my belly do funny shapes!

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