It’s that time again, it’s getting kind of creepy how fast time keeps going… I think I’m in slight denial that I am 34 weeks pregnant and I’ve only got 6 weeks left! Eek!


These two weeks have been very much the same as my last update, just with some added newbies. #teamnosleep is very much still in the picture, although this week I have hip ache to add into the mix! I think because I have my pregnancy pillow a weird way when I’m sleeping, and that good old relaxin hormone is making my whole body feel like jelly, my hips are doing something weird in my sleep and I’m waking up in some serious pain! I am finding that yoga stretches are helping, along with actually just using regular pillows instead of my pregnancy pillow. Heartburn and indigestion haven’t been as bad thankfully during these few weeks, so that’s been a nice break! I’ve also had another strange addition this week in that the skin around my belly has been quite sore the last few days. I think because little Lo Lo is so low down (it’s in the name, really), my skin is super stretched and has become quite sore – so there’s been a lot of moisturiser being applied!


Oh my giddy aunt. I have an outrageous obsession with apple and blackcurrant squash at the moment. And by outrageous I mean that I finished a whole bottle (undiluted) in just over 24 hours… Daniel actually tried to ban me from drinking squash this week because he’s worried about the high sugar content, so I’ve had to resort to secretive squash drinking (soz babe)… But we’ve found a solution in that next time, I’m going to buy the low sugar version, because then everyone wins. I’m again getting that feeling where whenever I get what I’m craving I feel absolutely amazing for about 30 minutes, before then craving it some more. I think out of all of my cravings this one has been the most excessive!


Little Lo Lo is still super active which is always a good sign – lots of rolling around and changing positions, and also a lot of stabs in the v-jay jay (TMI), which is quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever experienced! I went to trusty old Google on this one though (my search engine history is honestly hilarious), and it said that it’s either the baby’s head nestling down (go on, son), or my cervix dilating (wtf). I’m at the midwife on Thursday next week so I will be sure to keep you updated on that delightful detail!

As always I have a 34 week update video on my YouTube channel so be sure to check that out too!


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