So it’s official – we are now in the month that I am due to have my baby! What a crazy ol’ feeling that is! So the last 2 weeks have been quite eventful – probably the hardest 2 weeks of my pregnancy so far… Although I’m still undecided as to whether the third trimester is worse than the first… Let me know your thoughts!

Symptom Update:

Over the last 2 weeks I have developed a skin rash called ‘polymorphic eruption of pregnancy’ – it basically starts in your stretch marks, is itchy, and becomes red and inflamed quite quickly! I went to my doctor, who prescribed me with a steroid cream, the results of which have been quite underwhelming to be honest. So when the rash started to spread, (I’m talking legs, bum, arms, hands etc), I kind of had to go back because it’s actually taking over my body! He then prescribed me with some antihistamines, which make me feel super drowsy so I take them at night hoping that they might help me sleep?!

Speaking of sleep, it’s pretty much non-existent right now – I’m waking up quite often in the night, and it seems to be a different symptom each time! Sometimes it’s my rash, sometimes it’s hip ache, back ache, rib ache (a new addition since last night!)

I have absolutely loved being pregnant, but in terms of physical symptoms – I’m so over it!


My main craving is the same as 2 weeks ago (it’s been quite a long one, this one!) and that is Apple and Blackcurrant squash. Preferably the double strength one from Tesco… I actually tried the Robinsons one and it just didn’t hit the spot! So I’ve been going through that fairly rapidly, makes me happy!


Our little active peanut is still verrryyyy active, lots of rolls and him making funny shapes in my belly! It can be quite uncomfortable, particularly because now I think he is fully upside down and his feet are underneath my ribs (ouch). But still very thankful that I can feel him so much and that means he is a happy baby! Yay!

I’m very much hoping that my symptoms improve over the next few weeks, especially as I’m going back to work on Monday for 2 weeks (not sure what I was thinking?!) #prayforhayley

As usual, my 36 week update vlog is live on my channel – if you want to check it out you can find it here:

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