I have made it!! I am officially full term! Whuuuuuttttt!! It feels crazy, and I can definitely feel that there has been a huge shift in my body and perspective that Lawson really can come whenever he is ready now! Crayyyyyy!

Symptom Update:

This week has been SO much better, thank God. Thanks to a combination of antihistamines, steroid cream and tar soap, my rash has completely cleared up! It’s a Christmas miracle! I’m so happy that I’m not constantly itching anymore, my sleep has certainly improved because of it too.

This week has also seen me return to work for 1 1/2 weeks (was supposed to be 2 – but the struggle was too real), so I think because I have been a lot more active during the day, my sleep has improved an awful lot! I am however getting the most painful feet I have had yet – I think it’s just water retention, but honestly, them cankles though…

I also had a midwife appointment this week – I’m finding that I get a lot more nervous for these appointments now, because it tends to be around this time that things can start to go a bit wrong… But everything was absolutely fine! My blood pressure was up a tiny bit, but she didn’t seem worried about that, and everything else from my pee to baby’s position was great – he is now 3/5’s engaged!! Go on, son!

Our midwife also came and did our home birthing visit this week, which all made it a bit too real a bit too quickly if I’m honest! Had a slight wobble after that one! But we have got the go ahead, we are good to go with our home birth and she explained very clearly how it all works and what’s going to happen… Eeek!


I am also getting quite a lot of pressure down in my pelvis and around my hips, which I’m hoping is a good sign of him nestling down ready for departure!

As usual, there is a 37 week pregnancy update on my YouTube channel, go check it out if you haven’t already!

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