WHY IS TIME GOING SO QUICKLY?!! I have so much still to do, and not much time to do it in!! So week 38 has crept upon us relatively quickly – here’s how I’ve been feeling this week!

Symptom Update:

I have been feeling pretty good this week all in all, I’m now on maternity leave and literally soaking up all the goodness! I have so much TIME to bloggggg and vlogggg and sleeeeep and reeeeaaaddddd etc… Honestly I think I’m going to have the shock of my life when he gets here!

My sleep is still much better, apart from needing to pee probably about 5-6 times per night… I am still getting little cramps here and there when I change position because little Lo Lo is pushing all of my uterine muscles out of place (thumbs up emoji)…

My feet have also been pretty painful and swollen this week, especially in the hot weather, so that’s been a bit rubbish because it means I just have to sit and not do very much when I’ve got so much to do!

I’ve also noticed, just in the past few days, that I’m starting to get a very dull period-pain type pain in my lower abdomen and sometimes my lower back, kind of like the ache you get when you’re going to come on in the next few days… Nothing painful, just an ache really – so that’s exciting! I am also starting to feel a LOT more pressure in my pelvis and hips, I think Lawson is really digging deep now getting ready to go!


All of the squash please. Still going to absolute town on the apple and blackcurrant, aren’t I? I’m also eating a lot of toast… And just a lot of food in general… Standard.


Movement is definitely different at the moment. He’s certainly not as active as he used to be but I’m fairly sure that’s due to him running out of room. He does still move but it’s a lot more slight than usual. This is something I’ll be checking with my midwife next week – I have heard that babies tend to quieten down before labour because they’re conserving energy, but all the professional advice I have heard says that he should be active right until the end, so I’ll keep you posted!

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