With Lawson turning one next week, my thoughts this month (OK, the whole summer) have been circling the phrase ‘what the heck do you buy a one year old?!’ The thing with first birthdays, is that your baby isn’t able to tell you what they want! So the whole thing just becomes a huge guessing game.

To be honest, we are going to keep Lawson’s birthday pretty low key. Everything within me wants to throw him a huge party with balloons and expensive cake, but then my sensible side prevails and tells me that to him, it’s just like any other day. He’s not going to look back on his first birthday and think ‘I wish my mum made a bigger deal of that.’ We’re making the most of the time we have where he’s not asking for an iPad at the age of four…

That being said, I’ve done a spot of window shopping, and there are a few things that we will be getting for little Lawson on his first birthday, and also some items that we would definitely buy for Lawson if money was no object…


If anyone else’s baby is like Lawson, they get bored with their toys in a matter of seconds, and instead decide that a packet of baby wipes is much more appealing (eye roll…) So first birthdays are a great opportunity to update the toy collection, and here are my top picks…

Starting at the left, we have the good old, trusty, IKEA Kitchen. I know SO many mums who have purchased this as a first birthday gift, but that isn’t stopping me wanting it for Lawson! It’s £59, and I just think the possibilities are endless with it! At this point, I think Lawson would just find joy opening and closing the cupboards, but it’s one he would definitely grow into.

In the middle is a Wildfire Teepee, which comes in at £135. Pretty expensive, however again, the possibilities with this are endless! You could turn it into a sensory fort, a movie den, a book tent! It’s one that won’t get old quickly, and so I think for your money it’s a fair investment!

On the right is the most beautiful ride on I think I’ve ever seen. This is from The White Company and it’s £96. I love the fact that it has a number 1 on it, it’s almost like it was made for a first birthday! I think Lawson would go crazy over this, plus it’s easy on the eye (and by eye I mean camera!)


Lawson’s book collection is also in desperate need of an update. These are the books that are on his list. Neon LeonPlainly for it’s amazing front cover, My Dad used to be so Cool, mainly for Dan’s benefit!! The Day the Crayons Quit also looks lovely, we’ve got a few books by Drew Daywait and Oliver Jeffers and they’re written so uniquely. Jane Foster’s Black and White also looks beautiful, Lawson is very much still into his contrast pictures, so this one looks perfect for him!


As if I needed an excuse to buy Lawson any more clothes… But here is what’s on his birthday list (aka. my birthday list).

First up is this gorgeous top from Bobo Choses. I absolutely adore their rough, oversized style for babies, and this colour is perfect for Autumn too!

Next along is this BEAUTIFUL romper from Turtledove London. No word of a lie, this company sells the most amazing quality clothes I have come across, they are just brilliant. Their new Autumn Winter collection has the most gorgeous colour palette that will look great on boys and girls, and this romper is a firm favourite of mine.

This gorgeous little jumper is from the Tobias and the Bear new collection. The little mini hot chocolate and the ‘toasty’ caption underneath just sold it completely for me. Perfect for Autumn Winter cosy times.

And last but by no means least is an item that has been on my wishlist for a long while now! These beautiful leggings are from Jojo Maman Bebe, and are only £10! They’re knitted and the little foxy bottom is just the cutest thing since sliced bread! I need these in my life!


As I said before, a baby’s first birthday is not a day they are going to remember (sadly), so I’m taking the opportunity to buy Lawson some essentials that I know he could do with. The first on my essentials list is this Munchkin bath mat. Not very exciting, granted, but 12 months is around the age where babies start to get very restless in the bath and are starting to explore, so a bathmat is a perfect first birthday present, no?!

Next along is this STUNNING duvet set from La Redoute. It’s not recommended that babies use a duvet and pillow until after 12 months, and we’re thinking about getting Lawson a little set for the colder winter months. La Redoute have an amazing collection of bedding, but this one wins it for me! It’s £33 just for the duvet cover, so not overly cheap, but just a heads up, there’s 25% off on their website at the moment, go go go!

The third item is something that one of my lovely friends told me about. This tray is called Dinner Winner, and can be bought from Amazon. Although Lawson is a bit young for this right now, it’s definitely something he will grow into. It turns eating into a little game for them, encouraging them to eat every section of their meal so they can win their dessert. I really love this idea! Lawson is already showing signs of fussy eating, so I’m excited to introduce this when he’s ready!

Last, and probably least, is some good old socks! It’s not OK that Lawson is still wearing his 0-3 month old socks, so he is in desperate need of a new supply! This little set from Next is perfect and will go with everything. It’s so strange to think they will be covered by SHOES soon!! WHAT.

So that is my top picks for first birthday gifts. Am I missing anything? Suggestions are very welcome – I still have a week to make some last minute orders!

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