OK so I know I said that our 12 week scan was the best day ever, but honestly, this day was another level.

We had been pretty impatient and didn’t really want to wait until our 20 week scan to find out if our little peanut was a ‘Phoebe’ or ‘Phoebo’, so we booked a cheeky private scan at 17 weeks! Best decision we ever made… Apart from the decision to actually have a baby in the first place, obvs.

So up until the scan I was absolutely convinced we were having a girl. I think I put it down to the fact that I have been craving fruit and sweet things all the time, which in theory means pink bows. Well this was the outcome:

Honestly speaking, I had been waking up the last few days before the scan with this gut feeling that we were having a boy, and as weird as it sounds, I had been waking up with the name ‘Lawson’ ringing in my brain over and over. I think this is why we knew straight away when we found out the gender that his name would be Lawson. That’s just his name.

I love this little face so much already.

Our vlog of this day is probably one of my favourite ones ever, watch it here:

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