Let’s not beat around the bush here. The first trimester sucks. Constant nausea, feeling so tired you could fall asleep right where you stand, and craving food so hard that a small part of you is afraid of what you might do in order to get it (midnight run to Tesco, anyone?) In short, the first trimester is not ideal in any sense.

So, how do we get through it, ladies?

I’m no expert. I spent a large portion of my first trimester sleeping, crying and regularly donning the phrase ‘life is so hard!’ (Poor Daniel). However, I did find some products that made life that tiny bit easier during this time, and I wanted to share them with you because I’m just that nice, smiley face emoji.


These are pretty much a standard necessity for any pregnant lady, so you’re probably wondering why I’ve included them in this blog. Here’s why… Around the 7-8 week mark, I had an uncontrollable urge to eat at every possible junk food joint possible; I’m talking McDonalds, KFC, Dominos Pizza, the lot. And I’m talking daily. Not one to go against my instincts (I used the excuse ‘I’m craving what my body needs’ quite a bit), I kind of just let myself go and ate whatever the heck my body wanted, because if you can’t do it when you’re preggers, when can you, right? So during this time, I’m fairly sure that my vitamin and mineral levels weren’t in the best shape, so this is where Pregnacare comes in. If you’re level of discipline matches mine when it comes to cravings, these little tablets are a great way of still ensuring you’re body is getting what it needs. Simple as.


I started using this product pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant to ward off potential stretch marks. As I sit here today, currently 31 + 4 weeks pregnant, I’m not going to lie to you, I do have stretch marks. And I discover new ones every day. BUT, even though this is the case for me, I do feel like my stretch marks could be a lot worse if I wasn’t using this product, and I certainly intend to continue using it after I’ve given birth, because the prospect of never being able to wear a bikini again makes me emotional.


What?! Let me explain. When I was in my first trimester, my sense of smell rivaled that of a dog. This is a pretty common symptom of pregnancy, so it’s important to find smells that you find soothing and don’t make you want to hurl. For me, I went off (and still can’t really stand) musky scents. Unfortunately for me, I had a vast collection of Tobacco scented candles, which I have recently begrudgingly given away because I just can’t stand it anymore. However, scents like lemons, strawberries and fruit of the berry genre, and coconut smells used to soothe me quite a bit and actually take away some of the nausea I was feeling. Yes, it does look weird when you’re sitting in bed sniffing a bottle of lemon juice, but quite frankly, that was a sacrifice I was willing to make.


I am a great believer that one should purchase a pair of maternity jeans as soon as you find out the news. I don’t know what happens to your body when presented with the knowledge that you are expecting a bundle of joy, but suddenly, on that very day, your regular clothes don’t fit the same as they used to. And trying to squeeze your little belly pooch into those size 10 Topshop jeans is not going to help your symptoms. Obviously I wasn’t showing much in the first trimester, but I just found maternity jeans so much more comfortable than regular jeans, and I found that during this time, comfort is a non-negotiable.


I was unfortunate enough to experience a great deal of nausea in my first trimester (although fortunate enough that I never actually threw up). I found that food was the only thing that curbed my sickness, even if it was only for 20 minutes. My advice here is simple, go with what your body wants. Even if it isn’t the healthiest thing in the world, I say do it. Your body is growing another human. Give it whatever the hell it’s asking for.

So they are my top 5 things to help you survive the first trimester. As much as it sucks, it will end eventually (for most), and it IS worth it.



Author: Land of Lawson

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