In a couple of weeks time, I will be the proud owner of a 5-month-old baby. Seeing as the last ‘Lessons in Motherhood’ post was when Lawson was eight weeks old (where has my baby gone?!!), I thought I should update you on some more lessons I’ve been learning as a new mother.

1. You get mad prioritising skills.

If I thought I was amazing at prioritising tasks before (which I did), that is literally nothing compared to my aptitude for ranking priorities now. Or maybe my need for prioritising has just become a little bit more urgent. For example, pre-motherhood, a list of priorities would have been between going shopping, binge watching another Netflix series and taking a selfie for Instagram. Nowadays, that list is more along the lines of taking a shower, eating or napping. I just feel like my efficiency skills have skyrocketed to the max. I am now able to sterilise bottles one handed, make lunch one handed and generally juggle a multitude of tasks at one time. Ain’t nothing like motherhood to teach you that skill.

2. Your social skills take a dive.

Whilst my knack for prioritising may have increased, I’ve noticed this over the past month or so that my social skills have very much decreased as a result of motherhood. The perks of being on maternity leave mean that you can hang out with your friends pretty much anytime you want. However, is this quality time? Hmmmm, not so much. If I happen to be meeting a friend who also has a child, there will always be this kind of awkward silence when both of us are talking to our babies and trying to entertain them instead of talking to each other. Never experienced that before. And if I happen to be hanging out with friends who don’t have babies, I find myself zoning out of conversations wondering if Lawson is still alive if he’s in bed, or worse still, being completely distracted from conversations altogether if Lawson is with me. Again, never come across this before, but I feel like there is literally nothing I can do to remedy it. Baby comes first.

3. You’re a hormonal mess. Even after 5 months.

Have I recently been known to cry in the car to James Arthur? Yes. More than once. That song just gets me! **sings** just say you won’t let go… Lawson… etc etc. I never really thought of myself as much of a cryer before I had Lawson, I mean, I didn’t have a stone heart, I still cried at Marley and Me, but I’ve definitely noticed a distinct change in how easy it is for me to well up these days. Sometimes Lawson smiles… And I cry… Sometimes Lawson cries… And I cry… It’s not just once a month anymore, ladies, (although that time of the month is considerably more emotional than before too) It’s ALL. THE. TIME. Hormones – make friends, get to know them, because they’re not in a hurry to rush off.

4. The more aware they become, the more demanding they become.

Boy have I lived this the past few weeks. The first compliment people normally pay when they see Lawson is, “gosh, he’s so alert isn’t he?” to which I reply, “yes” through gritted teeth. My darling boy is so alert, and it’s beautiful to see him taking in the world around him and all that, but it also means he has discovered who mummy is. And sometimes that means he will scream the house down unless mummy pays him undivided attention all day. No breaks with this kid! Not complaining, I love spending time with Lawson, but I have noticed that he has gotten a lot more demanding the past few weeks. On a side note – kind of cherishing this – the kid bloody adores me.

5. Sleep does get better.

Yay! This is for future Hayley who has newborn number 2 and is feeling like sleepless nights will never end. Well, they haven’t ended completely, but they have got better. Lawson now normally only wakes once in the night, two times max. I remember when he was first born wandering round Sainsbury’s like an actual zombie because I couldn’t remember where any of the items I needed were. Those days, he would wake up 3-4 times a night. How I got through those first few months is beyond me. An unhealthy amount of caffeine maybe.

So that pretty much concludes my most recent lessons on motherhood. It’s a constant rollercoaster of things that get easier against things that get harder. But to tell you the truth, I am flippin’ loving it. There is no magic on earth like this.


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