The lovely Louise Pentland off of Sprinkle of Glitter (blog) and Sprinkle of Glitter (YouTube) has blown my mind with her new project for 2017, which encourages mamas everywhere to basically spend more quality, present time with their kids, and blog about it.

So naturally, I’mma be ALL. OVER. THIS. Any excuse to get out with my little man and go on new adventures and take photos and blog about it, I mean, I’m really in my element here.

First mummy date of many to come, was a trip to Cheltenham to see our lovely friend Emma. I was pretty nervous because it’s the first big day trip I’ve taken him on by myself. I think sometimes you have to push yourself to do these things; otherwise you end up never doing anything!

The journey down was blissful, Lawson slept all the way practically, and I was able to listen to a motivational Podcast by Tony Robbins (absolute legend). I did, however, find myself busting for a wee half way there (dam pelvic floor), which resulted in us finding a service station toilet that I chose to squat over instead of sit on.

So we arrive in Cheltenham, and, having already done my research of restaurants that offer decent vegan options (how very organised), we decided on a place called Boston Tea Party. I was actually really impressed with their vegan selection, and went for avocado and hummus on rye bread (still not sure how I feel about rye bread, but ate anyway), a green juice and a vegan coconut flapjack (dribble). Cue arty Instagram shots… The hot drink belonged to Emma, but was too hipster not to take a photo really.

Lawson was so well behaved over lunch, and was all laughs and smiles until he realised he was getting hungry and had a minor breakdown (minor in comparison to recent days…) So we swiftly headed back to Emma’s place (which has THE best lighting for photography I think I’ve ever seen), to feed the little munchkin, change his nappy (because of course he soiled himself in the very posh house), and get ready to head off.

The journey home was another story. He was crying, I was crying, it all got a bit emotional. Won’t go too much into that because it was only a small part of what otherwise was such a lovely day with my boy.

I vlogged our little date day as well, so here is the video version if you fancy having a nosey!

If any of you other mamas are bloggers and keen to get involved, click the image below which will link you to Louise’s blog post telling you how!



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