Ugh. I really don’t want to write this post. Weight-loss/health based blog posts tend to be a bit controversial right now because everyone has their own opinions (and rightly so) about ways of maintaining their health that works for their bodies. So this post is really just me sharing my thoughts about my post-baby body, and my views on how I intend to approach it.

I remember the final day my midwife came to visit my home after I’d had Lawson. As part of their routine checks, they have a good poke and prod at your poor sensitive belly to feel how contracted your uterus is (sexy). I remember lying on my sofa and asking ‘how long will it take for my belly to go back to normal?’ to which her response was, ‘well you’re fully contracted down now so that’s pretty much it.’

‘Oh wow.’

Those were my exact words. So this is what I was dealing with, I thought. I remember the sheer panic in my brain thinking ‘surely, surely it has to go down more than this?’ And so began my journey to accepting that this was the state of my body post-pregnancy.

It’s no secret that pregnancy changes your body. But to be specific, here is a list of changes I have encountered. My (affectionately named) gullet. You know the bit of neck fat that gives you a double chin way quicker than it used to? That. My arms have got bigger, less definition there. My waistline has disappeared, as has any sort of definition in my behind area (oh hai, cellulite). I have a mixture of purple and white stretch marks on my (what is now pretty saggy) belly and on my thighs all the way down to my knees, and my wedding rings no longer fit; so clearly, my hands are slightly chubbier too.

I make this list, not to moan about my body, but to make a point. And the point I want to make, albeit a bit cliché, is that this is all totally worth it. I’d honestly do it again in a heartbeat. To me, pregnancy was the equivalent of Christmas every day. I woke up buzzing every single morning; regardless of the physical symptoms I was experiencing, because the joy of having a life grow inside of me trumped it all. Even childbirth, which gave me some pretty significant wounds, was honestly the most amazing experience of my life (please ask me about it sometime – it’s legit my favourite topic to talk about).

So even though my body is completely mashed, and so different to what it was before, I’m kinda OK with it (cue obligatory before and after pics).

That being said, I ain’t settling. I put on 2 stone and 2 dress sizes during my pregnancy, and I intend to lose that weight. I’m kicking off 2017 by doing ‘Veganuary’ (going Vegan for January), the link is here if you want more info. I have given up meat before, and our dairy intake is pretty limited in our household anyway due to Dan being dairy intolerant, it just makes me feel healthier, helps me to make healthier life choices, and hey, it’s a bonus that I’m reducing my carbon footprint and helping out some animals at the same time. I intend, at the end of the month, to do a ‘Veganuary review’ to let you all know how I got on, and whether I plan on carrying it on further – but here it is, for those of you that like your numbers – at the start of January I weighed 10st8lbs (Oh, Christmas, what did you do to me). I’m interested to see whether I might lose some weight with this change in lifestyle, but more than numbers, I want to be healthy. I want to get back into exercise. I want to be fit for my son. That’s the real incentive here.

So that is my post-baby body run down, in all of it’s rawness and glory, and my approach as to why I want to improve it, and how I intend to do it.

Did you do any specific exercises or make any diet changes after having a baby? I’d love to know what worked for you so leave me a comment so I can get some more ideas and inspiration!

Our bodies are actual miracles, mamas.


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