Toddlers are turds. We’re all thinking it, but it’s one of those things we often keep for our inside voice, amiright? As a mum who is experiencing the wrath of the toddler for the first time, I’m calling it out. I’m calling it what it is. Toddlerhood is turdy.


Other than moaning about the usual toddler tantrums over the fact they can’t pull bricks apart (daily occurrence), or the nap refusals, or the frustration at not being able to communicate with our small humans, I have a different point to make.

The reason why I think toddlers are turds is because of the contrast they create. The extreme highs and lows. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as much joy and pride as I have in the past few weeks watching Lawson grow and develop. He has learned the cutest new things recently, like his ‘happy feet’ dance (see my Insta if you haven’t already died at that video!) He laughs at our jokes now, even though he clearly has no clue what we’re laughing at, and his speech and understanding are progressing day by day. It is AMAZING to watch something you created turn into a little human with character, quirks and uniqueness. Literally nothing brings me more fulfillment in life.

Now partner that incredible high with the upset and frustration that comes with a toddler screaming in your face for an hour. The toddler who throws all his food on the floor because he can’t communicate with you how much he just wants handfuls of humus for dinner (real story). The toddler who intentionally bangs his head and gives himself bruises on his forehead mid-tantrum. That’s Lawson.

And this contrast I speak of, happens in the space of about 2.3 seconds. I feel like I’m falling in love with my little boy all over again, just as I fell in love with him at the beginning. My love for him is crazy, it’s primal, and I crave him whenever I’m not with him. But that also means that when he’s being particularly turdy, my frustration is doubled, my sadness is doubled and sometimes, my anger is doubled!

Toddlerhood is hands down THE most extreme phase I have ever been through with Lawson. It’s a struggle to keep up with the boy most days, but slowly and surely, I am learning to ride the wave and cling onto the most loveable parts of my sweet boy.

Yes, toddlers can be turds. And I think it’s OK, heck, it’s necessary, to talk about it. But they can also be the sweetest creatures, full of love and wonder. Every day I’m learning to enjoy the contrast even more, to let go and just roll with it.


Author: Land of Lawson

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  • I completely agree! P is exactly the same the newest thing is climbing and I mean on everything, the kitchen table, the windowsills anywhere he can. He then screams as soon as you save him and tries to do it militantly until everyone has a tantrum! However he is hysterical, learning fast and although not many word his understanding is amazing! A real fall in love again stage x