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Vlogger, blogger and first time mama, living in the middle of England with my husband Daniel and our little peanut, Lawson. Self-confessed coffee addict, social-media addict and passionate writer, this blog aims to document my pregnant life and beyond! 

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Nursery Tour!

At the grand old pregnant age of 34 weeks, we finally got round to doing our nursery! Yay! I am super excited to share this with you – we have lots of little touches and a colour scheme of black…
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34 week pregnancy update

It’s that time again, it’s getting kind of creepy how fast time keeps going… I think I’m in slight denial that I am 34 weeks pregnant and I’ve only got 6 weeks left! Eek!…
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Baby Shower Dress Inspiration

So my baby shower seems to be coming around much quicker than I had anticipated, and even though I’m not the one organising it, I feel a bit disorganised! I really want to make a special effort …
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Maternity Photo Shoot

Don’t know about you, but I think photographs are one of the best ways to capture a point in time. I have loved being pregnant so much, so I knew I wanted to mark it by having some beautiful pho…
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Living in the middle of England, Stratford Upon-Avon has always been one of my favourite places. I was lucky enough to go to college there, and am conscious to make an effort to visit as often as phys…
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32 week pregnancy update

A heck of a lot to update you on this week! SYMPTOM UPDATE: I am now officially a member of #teamnosleep – my body is fully preparing me, it seems, for life after labour. My brain is on total overdr…
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30 week pregnancy update

This week has been fairly full on with midwife appointments, a comeback from the first trimester and England deciding to have a heat wave. SYMPTOM UPDATE: Tiredness is still a fairly big issue for me …
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Exercise During Pregnancy

Time to come clean guys. I’ve let myself go. Let me give you a bit of context into my pre-pregnant life. I am usually quite an active person (generally speaking) – I trained as a dancer fo…
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Baby Boy Inspiration A/W16

This post has probably been one of my faves to prepare for, oh hey internet window shopping! Not too long ago I did a ‘baby boy haul’ on my YouTube channel, but a lot of those products are…
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