Living in the middle of England, Stratford Upon-Avon has always been one of my favourite places. I was lucky enough to go to college there, and am conscious to make an effort to visit as often as physically possible!

We recently had a bit of a family visit to Stratford, and we checked out two places that I hadn’t been to before, so I’m excited to share them with you!

The first place we went to was Boston Tea Party. This company has cafes all around the country, and having visited the one in Cheltenham recently, I was pretty keen to check out Stratford’s version. I was not disappointed!

The cafe is located on the same street as Shakespeare’s house, which happens to be one of my favourite streets in Stratford. Mainly because it is also home to the Christmas shop, which is ChristmassyΒ all year round.Β The decor inside is what can only be described as delightfully Instagramable, so of course I took full advantage.

I ordered an iced coffee, which is made with avocado (as they say on the menu, trust them, it’s good!) It was honestly like drinking a fluffy cloud of coffee-y, milky, sweet goodness. Seriously yummy. To eat, I went very plain Jane and had a ham and cheese toastie with sun blushed tomatoes (how very British), and this came on the most delicious bread and was probably one of the best ham and cheese toasties I have had, as far as ham and cheese toasties go. We also sampled the sweet potato fritters, which are most definitely worth a try.

The cafe is also really baby friendly. I do find myself checking out the ‘baby friendliness’ of pretty much all new places I visit, and this place didn’t disappoint. My sweetheart of a niece had her own high chair and there were changing facilities within easy access (even if she did get a tad emotional whilst being changed!) I also noticed a lot of women there with small babies and prams, which is always a good sign.

We then ventured literally across the street, in search of more coffee, to a place called Box Brownie. I opted for another iced soy latte (I know… what an addict… But third trimester tiredness!) and despite tasting slightly more ‘coffee-y’ than I would usually make – it was cold and infused with caffeine, which was exactly what I needed. I would recommend highly.

The owner of the cafe is also super nice, I say that despite him teasing me that my baby looks like it’s going to be a ’10 pounder’ (his words). Please no! Stay small little one!


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