With only 6 months to go until the arrival of our new baby, we wanted to give Lawson the chance to have a bit of practice! It was always my intention to buy some sort of doll for him to play with, y’know, so he can get used to having another baby around. So when Baby Born got in touch to see whether we’d like to give their iconic doll a try, it was a resounding YES from us!

I LOVED Baby Born when I was growing up. She was my very favourite, and I love the fact that I’ve now been able to give one to Lawson too. The doll itself comes with all kinds of accessories (it’s definitely been upgraded since the 90s!) You can now get nappies, different outfits, baby carriers (my personal favourite), potties and so much more!

Baby Born aims to encourage imaginative play, which is something I am really working on with Lawson at the moment. It’s so important to let their imaginations run wild, and he absolutely loves his new doll!

I was so surprised that the first thing he reached for was the bottle to start feeding Baby Born! The boy is very food focused what can I say!? He enjoyed trying to put her shoes on (and also using them as a teether)!

I know that this toy is something that he will grow into and love. He loves other babies, and I know he will be the best big brother!

Author: Land of Lawson

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