I had been after a portable playmat for the longest time. Babies are hard enough to entertain at home, let alone in other places, amiright?! I needed a solution.

As soon as I saw the #stashmat (that’s right – this mat has its own hashtag) on my Instagram feed, I knew it was something I immediately needed in my life. What’s better still, the lovely Ellen from Little N and the Lion very kindly gifted one to us to review.

I speak no word of a lie here, this mat is a game changer. Ever since it arrived, our old mat has been packed away to make way for this new sparkly one, coming in two contrasting prints (which you get to pick yourself by the way – and the choice is IMMENSE. It took me about half a day to decide…) and a gorgeous separate print for the drawstring. I went for the black and white clouds (because monochrome) and the mint chevron, and the drawstring fabric is this gorgeous grey with teeny tiny elephants on! SO. CUTE.

The fabric is durable, washable and extremely Instagram-able. Lawson loves the fact that I can just spread out all of his toys on there, although he does get pretty overwhelmed and attempt to hold all of his toys at the same time. Just not possible buddy!

I actually gave this mat a little test run for its ‘portability’ factor today. I was filming in a location other than my home, and really needed somewhere to put Lawson where he’d be happy, but distracted enough so mummy could get her work done! I have witness to this, Lawson happily played on this little mat for the entire time I was filming, only getting grouchy because he was tired, and mummy cuddles soon fixed that (don’t they fix everything?!) Even when we changed locations, it was so easy just to pull the drawstrings to turn it into a little storage bag, sling it over my shoulder, and off we went. I’m pretty sure this mat is going to be permanently on the go with us now – it makes travelling with a little one SO much easier.

So all in all, we would highly recommend this gorgeous little mat – not only a hit with the babas, but also a hit with the parents too!

You can get your hands on one here:

If you want to see the mat in action – I made a little video all about what I do to entertain Lawson on a daily basis (anyone else run out of ideas?!) and you can watch that here:

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