Whilst bottle feeding has its advantages (sharing the feeds etc), I remember when I first had Lawson, the ins and outs of what you could and couldn’t do with formula feeding used to absolutely baffle me! You can’t pre-make the bottles, you have to leave the kettle to cool down for 30 minutes, it can be left in the fridge for up to 24 hours, but not at room temperature for more than 2 hours – just SO. MUCH. INFORMATION. No wonder we were confused!

When Milk Monster got in touch to see whether we’d like to try out their product – immediately I was like ‘WE NEED THIS’. The idea of a bottle timer that does all the thinking for you (when lets face it, we have enough to think about, don’t we?!), really appealed to me, and I wasn’t disappointed!

This is quite possibly the easiest device to use, ever. It has just 3 buttons at the bottom, one for hours, one for minutes, one to start, it’s that simple! It allows you to set your own time limit (making it suitable for both formula and breast milk), and then press start, and it starts counting down for you! I’ve found that it really helps to eliminate waste – it does the counting for you so you know when is best to feed your baby. Just genius!

Design wise, it’s just so cute! I chose a blue colour for Lawson, which is really lovely (there are loads of colours to choose from), and the little bottle at the side actually glows in the dark! An absolute winner for night feeds. The screen is backlit, meaning you can read it even in the wee hours of the morning – just super handy.

I would massively recommend this product – especially if you’re a new mum who is also flummoxed by the amount of information that gets dumped on you when it comes to feeding! Milk Monster is mega helpful in just taking some of the pressure off!

If you’re interested, here’s their website!


Author: Land of Lawson

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