I gotta come clean with you. One of my main #mumfails (that I have plenty of #mumguilt about) is that I’m never really sure how to dress Lawson appropriately for the weather… Throughout the ENTIRE winter season, I used to see babies in prams and car seats snuggled up in cosy snowsuits padded with blankets and a wooly hat, thinking ‘oh my goodness, Lawson must be bloody freezing!’ I just don’t think we ever really got it quite right.

This exact situation happened a few months ago in Nandos, where I was lunching with my ‘yoga mamas’ (we met at pregnancy yoga, hence the name. We weren’t doing yoga in Nandos or anything). I noticed that one of the babies looked particularly snug in her blanket, which was not only hooded, but the SOFTEST thing I had ever felt. ‘What IS that?!’ I remember asking my friend, and she told me about the Nod Pod company. So when Nod Pod got in touch asking if I would like to review one of their products, I literally JUMPED at the opportunity. To tell you the truth my enthusiasm was a bit awkward.

Nod Pod is the solution to my #mumfail. This blanket is totally revolutionary, and one of the most practical products I think I’ve come across actually.

The fact that the blanket comes with leg holes is probably my favourite thing about this product. It means that you can use it in the car seat, in the pram, in the carrier. Bye bye mum guilt!! It’s super warm and fleecy and I’d be lying if I told you I’m not wrapped up in it right now writing this post.

The blanket comes in loads of different designs, patterned and plain. There really is something for everyone here. It also comes in different sizes, which I LOVE. So ours is 6-12 months, which I know will take us right through to next Autumn!

Nod Pod is a real game changer. It’s such a practical product that can be used in so many different ways (including a mummy leg warmer) – I would highly recommend it! I mean it’s worth it just to see your baby wrapped up like a mini burrito! All the heart eyes for this!

You can grab your Nod Pod blanket HERE.

Does anyone else have one of these? What is your most practical baby product? Leave me a comment and let me know!!

Hope you’re well lovelies!

Author: Land of Lawson

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