This post has probably been one of my faves to prepare for, oh hey internet window shopping! Not too long ago I did a ‘baby boy haul’ on my YouTube channel, but a lot of those products are no longer available in stores, and I’m not one to leave you hanging… So effectively this is my Autumn/Winter wish list, and all of the products are available in stores right now. I have routed through my favourite high street brands for baby wears, and put together a collage of some of the absolute gems that I have found. Enjoy!

Starting off with La Redoute – one of my favourite shops ever for baby clothes! They strike a really good balance of baby clothes that aren’t too babyish but equally not too adult! Their sleep suits are the softest things I have ever felt and SUCH good quality too.

Zara is up next. I have what can only be described as a slightly unhealthy obsession with baby clothes from Zara. Their A/W collection is starting to dribble in (as with most places), and I am in love.

H&M offer incredible value for money baby clothes, as well as being pretty cool! These are my favourite picks from what is currently available (are you starting to see a colour theme?! #shameless #blackwhitegrey)

River Island offer potentially the most swag baby clothes on the high street. Some of the things I feel are maybe swaying towards ‘too adult’ for newborn babies, but any opportunity for Lawson to ‘twin’ with Daniel is an absolute winner!

For more inspiration – check out my previous haul on my YouTube channel – some of the products are still out there!



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