So my baby shower seems to be coming around much quicker than I had anticipated, and even though I’m not the one organising it, I feel a bit disorganised! I really want to make a special effort for my baby shower, seeing as you only get one (after this it’ll only be ‘baby sprinkles’, and lets be honest, people just don’t get as excited for second babies!) so I’m making this blog post in hope that it will inspire me to start looking for outfit ideas!

I have internet window shopped (yet again) at my favourite places to go for maternity wear online, and these are my favourite picks!

Starting off with ASOS, one of the best ranges for maternity wear in my opinion. The blue floral dress I thought was super cute for a summer themed, outdoor baby shower, as well as the gorgeous white lace dress on the bottom left (I’m a bit in love with that one, not gonna lie). The denim dress, which I also love, would be really nice for a more casual affair, and the bottom right embellished dress I thought would be lovely for an evening baby shower. My baby shower is during the day, so I think out of these four, the white lace one grabs my attention more than the others. I’m an absolute sucker for a white dress in summer, even if my skin is the shade of a milk bottle.

Onto New Look’s maternity collection, I wasn’t as impressed with it as I was with ASOS, but still a pretty good range none-the-less. The red floral wrap dress is gorgeous and an absolute bargain at £14.99, but unfortunately my wonderful sister-in-law has beaten me to it and bagged that one for herself! (She got great taste.) One thing that I think New Look are doing really well this season is a decent stripe, so I love the stripe wrap dress and the button down stripe dress (which is actually in the sale for £11!) I also thought the colour block dress would be a really great choice for more of an evening do like going out for mocktails and other grown up options!

Last but certainly by no means least, is trusty Topshop. Their maternity collection is beautiful, but bloody expensive. Although I love all of these pieces, the chances of me buying maternity clothes from Topshop when I only have 6 weeks of being pregnant left, are fairly slim! But I wanted to include them anyway because they’re just so darn pretty to look at. The floral cold shoulder dress is an absolute favourite, and even though it’s pretty similar, I love the floral wrap dress. I just think wrap dresses are amongst the most flattering styles for pregnant beauties. The black jumpsuit is something I’ve had my eye on for a while, and I would most definitely be investing in that if I didn’t only have 6 weeks left and a baby to pay out for! And finally, the tropical print dress is such a gorgeous style and print I just had to include it!

So there is my run down of what are, in my opinion, the prettiest dresses going for a baby shower. I wonder what I’ll end up going with… Stay tuned for baby shower blog! 😉


Author: Land of Lawson

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