As you may know, I am all about promoting small businesses here on the blog. Especially when it comes to Christmas, independent shops can struggle to get a word in edgeways when they’re crowded by huge Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals! So I thought I would dedicate a post to the very best Christmas attire for kids that I’ve seen on Instagram, created by some of my favourite independent brands.

Lets start off with an incredible brand called Birdies and Bearcubs. I am a little bit in love with this Santa t-shirt (which by the way, also comes in adult sizes!) Their Christmas range is beautifully subtle, which I really like, and just a heads up, they have the most awesome Stranger Things themed items which have firmly made their way onto my Christmas list! This tee is £10, which I think is great value for money, and will look super stylish on your little one too!

Next up is a lovely brand called Buddy and the Bear. I think their selection of leggings are amongst my favourite that I’ve seen on my Instagram feed! I love that these aren’t too ‘in your face Christmas’, but it’s a really sweet and subtle nod to the festive season. They also do 2 other pairs similar to this that are gorgeous as well! These are £12, and orders can be taken up until December 1st. Go go go!

This BEAUTIFUL romper is by a brand called Lottie & Lysh. I just love this print. It comes in a romper (£23) and leggings (£13.50), all handmade in Cornwall. I think this would make such a lovely outfit for Christmas day, or even going to get the Christmas tree!

How amazing are these leggings?! I’ve never seen anything like these before, and I’m in love. These beautifully unisex leggings are by a brand called 2 Little Legs. Their Christmas range is really awesome, I struggled to pick just one to show! Definitely check them out!

And last but by no means least is this beauty by Marloweville. Their Christmas collection is absolutely amazing, and I just love this sweatshirt so so much! It’s £18, and comes in adult sizes too! Definitely a new favourite here!

So those are five small shops that I am loving for Christmas attire at the moment. Do you have any favourite brands? I’m always on the lookout for new ones so leave me a comment if you have a fave!

Author: Land of Lawson

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