I have to be honest here. When I was pregnant with Lawson, I found dressing my bump, and finding my ‘new identity’ really hard. I wasn’t sure how to dress now I was going to be a mum, and felt like I almost had to dress a certain way, because I was going to be a mum.

Fast forward almost 2 years to my second pregnancy. This time has been SO different in so many ways, not just to do with style. First of all, I know who I am as a mum. And secondly, I realise the importance of putting yourself first sometimes.

As mothers, prioritising ourselves isn’t always something we feel that comfortable with, is it? We spend all of our time loving and caring for our little ones, that it’s so easy for our own self care to be forgotten. I’ve been there!

But this pregnancy, because it’s *probably* our last baby, I wanted things to be different. I wanted to prioritise my own passions and my own self care a bit more, and at 38 weeks pregnant, I feel SO much better for it!

I have done things this pregnancy like invested in some decent maternity wear, bought some gorgeous pyjamas for after labour, and got into some serious pampering products whilst growing a tiny human.

But let’s address the subject of maternity wear. It’s an area I find SO hard, because it seems to either be seriously frumpy and ‘mumsy’, or seriously expensive. That is until I discovered Boohoo made maternity clothes. I had already picked up a few items from their maternity collection before they got in touch asking me to review an outfit or two – to which my answer was (a very over enthusiastic) yes!

Affordable – check!

Stylish – check!

Comfy as hell – check!

I wish I had discovered this sooner!

So I picked out two outfits from their collection, and I absolutely LOVE them both! The first is this gorgeous jumpsuit. I have searched far and wide for a comfy maternity jumpsuit during this pregnancy with very little success – so when I saw this one, I knew it was the one! It is the one of the softest, comfiest pieces I have worn this pregnancy, it’s super lightweight and literally feels like you’re wearing pyjamas – I LOVE it!

I paired it with some casual flip flops for a seriously chilled look, but I think this could look great dressed up with some heels too! My swollen feet didn’t fancy that option too much though.

The second outfit I chose was a little out of my comfort zone. Before I became a mum, during the summer time I would live in shorts. They’re comfy, perfect for the hot weather, and I’ll be honest, I liked how my legs used to look in them. However, since being pregnant, I have developed some fairly serious looking stretch marks on my legs, and so shorts have been kind of out of the question for me for a while now. This pregnancy however, I thought enough is enough. I’m proud of my stretch marks and where they came from, and I loved these gorgeous mustard shorts way too much not to have them!

I have styled them with a plain black tee (also from Boohoo – and AMAZING sizing might I add. Some of my other maternity t-shirts from elsewhere are too small for my bump now, but this one covers everything!) I think trainers look seriously great with this outfit too, it makes it all look a little bit more edgy.

All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Boohoo’s maternity collection – you will not be disappointed!! It is great value for money and whilst stocking some of the basics like tees and leggings, you can also find some great high fashion pieces too, which is a rarity from a maternity section I think!

What are your top tips for styling your bump?

Author: Land of Lawson

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