I’m over summer. There, I said it. No point in beating round the bush here, I LIVE for Autumn days. Crispy leaves, big cosy jumpers and oh so many candles – I’m already there! Naturally the first thing I’m thinking about it Lawson’s Autumn/Winter wardrobe (of course), and usually I would do the kind of wishlist like this one, where I take some picks from all of my favourite stores.

BUT. Have you SEEN Zara’s new collection?!

I did one of those pointless exercises where I filled my online shopping basket and then didn’t buy it on Zara’s website the other day – and literally I’m fairly sure I’m going to be able to get Lawson’s entire next wardrobe from there! Perhaps minus vests and sleep suits. I’m going all in, Zara!

So here are my top picks and things that I will most certainly be hoping to put Lawson in very soon (sizes permitting!)


I am OBSESSED with these tops. The red one on the left, especially, which is unexpected for me actually because I don’t think I’ve ever put Lawson in red! But the text on it says ‘make this world beautiful’ – and I just think that’s such a lovely phrase! I think paired with a neutral coloured legging that could look really awesome. The lightning bolt top is right up our street! I love a good stripe, and I feel like this top will go with the more adventurous leggings. As will the top on the right – we all love a bit of monochrome! I like to get in a couple of monochrome bits to balance out some of the crazier bits in Lawson’s wardrobe! The best thing about these tops? They’re £3.99 each! WHAT. I just don’t think it gets any better!


I’ve been thinking about when I’m supposed to transition Lawson into wearing jeans… I think the answer is NEVER. I just love leggings too much, and these three from Zara Kids are absolute winners in my book. The pair on the left isn’t usually my style. I’m not normally one for putting Lawson in Disney stuff, but Zara have bought out a really cool kind of vintage style Disney collection that actually looks really retro, and I’m kinda diggin’ it… The pair in the middle I couldn’t resist. I LOVE me some mustard in Autumn! These have a dinosaur print on and I think they’ll look gorgeous with the monochrome tops above. I am just in love with the colour of the last pair of leggings too! A more muted colour will go great with the crazier tops/jumpers, and Lawson looks AMAZING in pastels!


These three items make me SO excited for Autumn. Because I feel like Lawson is going to be walking soonish, I think it’s time to introduce him to hoodies this season. He’s had little zip up jackets and things before, but this ‘real friends’ hoody just ticks all my boxes! It’s got kind of a vintage/worn feel to it, which I love, and dark colours really bring out Lawson’s eyes. This ‘fun’ jumper. Oh my goodness. I think this might be my favourite out of all of them. I can’t even begin to tell you how gorgeous Lawson looks in pink, and this jumper is just the perfect shade of muted pink (I’m thinking pair it with the pastel grey/blue leggings above). I love that it has a long-line effect too – kids stuff is so cool! This last jumper is an absolute classic I feel. You really can’t go wrong with woodland themed clothing for Autumn/Winter, and this one fits the bill perfectly. I love the illustration on it and I think it’ll be an absolute staple in Lawson’s new wardrobe!

So there you have it – this is what is currently sitting in my Zara basket, waiting to be paid for! Let me know what your favourite item is, and how you love to dress your kids in Autumn/Winter! It really is the best season!


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