Happy almost spring everyone!

So I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that finds it next to IMPOSSIBLE to keep on top of their house once they’ve had kids. For something so small they take up a lot of your time! I’ve been finding in the past month or so that my house standards were really slipping, and it was starting to stress me out actually. Anyone else relate to getting stressed in a messy house?!

I decided to take action and make a weekly cleaning schedule. Making schedules is what I do best. Sticking to them? Hmm, not so much. But this one has HONESTLY been a life saver. I’ve taken on the principle of doing a tiny bit each day, literally no more than 15 minutes (for which time Lawson will happily play on his playmat/watch baby sensory/nap), and it’s significantly reduced my stress levels, and generally made my house look a lot better as well. I just find I’m prioritising it more, which I think was needed.

I recently made a video about my cleaning routine and was asked by one of my lovely viewers for a print out version. You can find the video here:

And not being one to disappoint, here is the ready-made print out version for you to use at your leisure:

I hope you find this useful in some way! I love making the house all lovely in time for spring.

If you have a cleaning schedule that works really well for you around the kids – I would LOVE to hear it. As I said, I suck at sticking to schedules. I give this one a month. Leave me a comment if you have any advice!!

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